• When thought came

    I’ve been, for days, neglecting making resolutions. It’s the 5th, so really, it’s too late, right? At any rate, with absolutely no resolution planning, some things I would like to see happen this year: Enroll in school, with degree completion and my six year plan in mind. Actually call and get on the guitar guy’s schedule, even if it in the middle of the day and I have to drive once a week because he is so popular that his schedule is not accommodating. Not get outsourced, even though that’s not really in my control. Cook or bake treats for my team more than once a month and on birthdays. Spend more time with friends and family, because I have become a real anti-social hermit in the last 6 months. Lose inches. Fall in like with someone who I enjoy being around and who feels the same. Get over or at least move on from the other one. Not complain about the heat because the winter has been so lovely. Stay up late occassionally, but not so often that I oversleep my alarm even after I have reset it to allow for another hour. Try not to snore, drool, or slide when snoozing in the vanpool on the way to work. Learn at least a little Chinese so I can converse with my co-worker in her native language, like she tries so hard to do in mine. Enjoy my family from a distance and appreciate the humor and dysfunction they offer when we are together.

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