• We numb the muscles in our face

    Today (1) the bossman and bosswoman pissed me off beyond all belief. (2) My week old headache hurt so bad this afternoon I considered it a real chance that I might pass out. (2.5) Bossman had nerve to tell me that if I would be MORE SPECIFIC in the answers to his questions, then he would understand more. Could not keep myself from replying “If you would listen to the answer I gave you rather than talking through my answer, asking the question 5 times would not be necessary” Heard back “This is not a negotiation.” (3) Flash floods hit right about the time for me to leave work. (4) I realized that I had left my windows down slightly in the car, to keep the hot air out, duh. (5) Was forced to run out into previously mentioned downpour to roll up windows. (6) Dropped keys in 6 inch deep puddle of rain that had formed in previously piled dirt / rock. (7) Was forced to look for keys while rain continued to beat down into my car and onto my wet clothes. (8) Found keys (yeah!) but still had to return to office to retrieve belongings before leaving for the day. (9) Left work approximately 5 minutes later with many plastic bags and one big towel. (10) Was forced to run approximately 40 yards out of my way due to flooding in lot and on driveway… unable to determine where water ended and actual ground began. (11) Was late to grandma’s house to set up her new computer. (12) mostly because I had to go home and change due to almost sudden chapping from wearing clothes soaked through. (13) Determined grandma’s new keyboard and computer had issues that needed immediate attention or neither would work. (14) Finished working on computer at 10:00 pm, drove home in dark. (15) Clothes hanging on shower in bathroom STILL DRIPPING. Yes, I was that wet.

    Beat that internet.

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