• Turning coal into diamonds

    Our new admin is very nice. She, though, reminds me of my mother. Not the dope smoking, dope selling, giggling like a witch, staying up all night and sleeping all day, half painting a room full of wizards and then rolling another color right up the middle of the mural mother. More like the talking to herself louder than I talk to other people, stomping up and down the hall, and lingering in the office doorway learing like she’s not sure why she’s there or if I have noticed her mother. The decision on whether or not to put her on full time lays in my lap and must be made in the next few minutes. Is it okay to yell at your secretary (the one who is at least 50% better than the last one) to walk quieter? Or talk to herself quieter? Or keep her crazy sister out of my office and away from reading what I’m doing? Or to tell her that bringing her sister here and stowing her away in a quiet office to keep her busy during the day is not exactly cool?

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