• Since you’ve gone I’ve been lost

    Some realizations I’ve come to this week, while laying on the couch, the living room floor, in bed, in the bathtub, all while trying to recover from a bout of pneumonia…..1. David Letterman is a flaming jackass. I have been watching him literally all of my life… and I think Jay Leno is a sexist pig, so I refuse to watch him still… but Letterman has gotten to opinionated for his own britches and is therefore completely unable to actually entertain.

    2. Daytime television sucks and sucks and sucks. Also, I can’t believe that Sami and Austin and Carrie and Lucas have not gotten ANY further in their story than they had 5 years ago, and I also can’t believe that Sami and Lucas’s son has managed to grow into a teenager in that same time.

    3. It doesn’t matter how cold you turn the air conditioning in the house, when you are sick, you are gonna sweat.

    4. Cough medicine doesn’t stop a cough. Cough medicine, the non narcotic one even, does make you dizzy and drowsy. Coughing also prevents you from eating solid foods but seems to be a solid diet plan.

    5. Stressing about not being at work for 4 days after having taken 4 days of vacation isn’t so bad when you have a boss like mine, who is the best. Some days I could just flick him in the head, but most days, I wouldn’t trade him for a bunch of money.

    6. Firemen are good company when you are home sick and they are on their off days.

    7. 10 days in Peru has turned into 12 days with no contact and that too sucks.

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