• Now you’re rich and now you’re famous

    I hereby announce to the unaware world that Carson Daly is the Worst Talkshow Host Everâ„¢.Yes it’s a joke. Because there is no one in the world that could be unaware of that.

    A clue: When you are telling a joke during your monologue (which, obviously, comes along with the pre-rehearsed audience laughing) and you have to tell them “I’m kidding” and they still don’t laugh…. give up. YOU SUCK. Even worse, his bio on his own network’s show page talks about the music that performs and the talent sitting on his couch, and never about any vague talent he could (but doesn’t) possess.

    It’s a good thing he’s kinda got that pathetic “I’m farmboy cute so people will watch me” thing going on.

    Also, that dumbass show kept waking me up in the middle of the night. Yes, I could have turned off the tv, but then I would have NEVER fallen asleep and also would not have had anything to say today.

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