• Let us pause in life’s pleasures

    What I am always looking for: perspective. Perspective is the proof that my life is never as hard as it could be. Perspective is the proof that my failures, however massive I view them, are never as life altering – in the bad way – as the might be. Perspective is that we learn from our mistakes, and occasionally learn the most from the people who we don’t choose to play that part in our lives. I always pull something from a movie and think to myself: “Why can’t real life be like that?” In this instance, I was wishing for someone who cared enough to make me the best map ever and a whole bunch of mix cds for my journey.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    pls if you have the song free bird playd in the mowie by them not the original i like this version is much better … ok 10x and send me a linck where to ghet it you can write me my e mail addres is poprazvan@yahoo.com

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