• I’m through with doubt. There’s nothing left for me to figure out.

    Just about everyone I know is doing the resolutions post or the what I loved about the past year post. Since I pretty much hated last year what with the heartbreak and the homesick and the general hell of becoming an unemployment statistic (TWICE… or more if you count that I was laid off from the same job like four times) and the rest of the crap that happened, you can understand why I’m not so excited to rehash it here with you.

    Also, since I’m not big on making resolutions – because it seems so confining to set goals for an entire year on one stupid tired nap heavy day – I’m just gonna say that my goal for this year is to be happy. The mostly optimistic me is going to try to be even more optimistic. I want to see the good in everything. I want to stress less about the inevitable. And, who knows, maybe I want to find a really special someone to start brightening the dark depths of my unavailable heart.

    So, bah humbug and all that jazz. Happy New Year.

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