• I’m not the sort of person who falls

    So, an update. I moved the blog, obviously. I quit my job. Not so obvious, I guess, since I moved the blog and no one knows. Plus, the no updating. Guess it’s hard to keep people updated the way I roll.

    The short of the long story is this… I, was sick. Work, sicker. They were / are having all kinds of issues (not just recently – this is an ongoing thing for all of my employment there). I, being the take – advantage – of – me – please kind of person that I am, put up with it for a really long time, mostly out of respect for myself, but also out of respect for the few people there that I did really like.

    I realized, almost a year ago, that I wasn’t respecting myself at all. No self-respecting person would allow themselves to get buried under the amount of work I was doing, while watching everyone else leave before the sun went down every day. Then, this and that, and then I got sick.

    I never really got over being sick from the Nyc trip, and then I went to Denver and got a respiratory infection. Worse got worse, and pneumonia. Then, in a show of solidarity with the people trying to make up for my absence, and out of an impossible sense of duty, I go back to work, probably weeks before I should have.

    Work about a week, and it got worse every day. I was still losing weight, and still not feeling well. Baby girl leaves for her dad’s and depression hits too. I take a medical leave, and receive tens and tens and tens of emails a day, asking questions on how to do this or that or that. I started getting questioned on some decisions that I had made, the same kind of decisions I had been making over the last five years, and it was enough.

    I quit.

    So, I sit here, bored out of my mind, still coughing, still trying to get better, and unemployed. Tell me how great that is. The worst part is that the job wasn’t even paying me enough to begin, much less pad, a savings account in case of things like this. Yeah, I was a salaried employee working 65 hours a week.

    So here I am. Any suggestions?

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