• I count the steps, the distance, to the time when it was me and you

    The thing about it is that even though I think about it every day, wondering why and what it could have really been, it doesn’t control me. I only thought about him once today, then the sweet lady where I buy my daily icy beverages gave me a balloon and some candy and I forgot all about it. Then my boss gave me a valentine and a cookie, and I was already way past it. My dad took me to dinner and the basketball game and I never thought about him once. I didn’t look at all the happy couples at the restaurant wishing that was me. I’m okay being alone. I’d also be okay if I weren’t. Sometimes I think that maybe I’d just be more okay if I weren’t. It didn’t do so much for me last time, though, so I’m in no rush. I’m happy, I promise.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear it. Consider yourself hugged.
    Love…Mon in Zuni.

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