• I could never

    an unfinished list to a group of unspecified people:

    those things aren’t meant to be discussed at work. —– i’ve had a crush on you since almost the first time we met. you are way too good for me and therefore friends is enough. —– you are really cute, even when you wear that stupid yankees hat. in fact, probably even more so then. —– even though you are finally trying, i still cringe and roll my eyes every time i say your name. —– you are an ass to your wife, and if i knew her, i’d tell her about the phone calls we overhear to ‘the other woman’ —– you are truly embarrassing to be around in public, but just sittin’ around, you are one of my favorite people. —– you are the love of my life, and no matter who comes next or finally, they’ll never be you. —– your politics always got on my nerves, but it’s getting worse. just shut up already. —– i don’t eat because i’m not hungry. not because i have some psychological issue. —– the pac10 is not a better conference than all the rest, and they play as many patsies as every other team. —– the defense of humanity is not an impeachable offense. —– there are stupid people all over, you are one of them.

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