• Every day’s a new day

    It seems rather late (by about 6 days) for a “what I’m thankful for” post. But, considering that it’s Tuesday, and I expect the rest of the day to suck, I’m gonna be optimistic while I have the chance, and post what I was planning to post last week.
    I’m thankful for not having to take work with me on my tiny little vacation, which allowed me to not post this last week. I’m thankful for other people’s families, with whom I could sit and have an enjoyable time that actually included intelligent conversation. I’m thankful for friends to spend time with who don’t feel the need to entertain or be entertained. I’m thankful for cutting horses and really yummy recipes that allows me to know nice people in nice places. I’m thankful for the babygirl. The pure and simple light of my life. I’m thankful for pilotboy. I’m thankful that I know something about love and loyalty because of pilotboy. I’m thankful for warmth during this crap. I’m thankful that one of you, my secret readers, is going to email me and tell me how to create a list of all the songs I’ve linked, without having to go and search and rewrite them all myself. I’m thankful that this is Tuesday, and as of yet the only horrifying thing to happen was that I “corrected” next year’s budget calculations to find I created a million dollar error.


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