• At least a dozen pictures

    I feel like I should be blogging more. I should be telling you how I am as homesick now as I was when I originally left. Also I would mention how my friends here kinda let me down sometimes. They aren’t what my friends at home are, and therefore a less appealing way to spend my time. This development encourages me to spend more time at home, alone, which pretty much sucks.

    I want to tell you how I’ve learned that some of the people around me are very judge-y… and mostly hypocritical. I know they don’t realize it, but it still makes for many uncomfortable moments and draws from me nothing but silence. The blatant critiques of everyone who is someone else also tends to make me more moderate than conservative and want to swear more or kiss a boy in public. These things just to prove that nice people do things on the edge of their judgment, but can still be nice people.

    Anyway, instead I’ll tell you that I miss you and I’ll see you soon and save me some snow because damn it the sun shines so bright here it’s sometimes as depressing as they say those places are where it never does.

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