• I recommend getting your heart trampled on…

    A few things that you don’t know about me, to add to the 100 that you already did…

    1. I am a serious fan of shoes. Most of them are white with color accents. My four most recent purchases were white Nikes each with different color swooshes. Orange, pink, purple, and red. I used to buy new shoes because my old shoes would get dirty. I hear you can wash them. But then the shape is not ever right.2. I always thought I was a pretty staunch conservative. To others, I am pretty moderate. According to the world’s smallest political quiz, four years ago I was a Centrist. Today, I am a Liberal.

    3. I only say about 10% of what I want to on this blog, because I know that people I really respect read it. Also, mostly, because I don’t know who else reads it.4. I don’t understand celebrity. It doesn’t necessarily fascinate me to see famous people in public. I am not particularly enamored with megastars. I have several friends are who overwhelmed with wanting to know famous people and it drives me crazy.

    5. In complete contradiction to what I said in number 4, every time I see this guy, I completely lose all sense. I make this barely audible sigh of joy. It’s completely embarassing, and completely beyond my control. He is beautiful and with a Texas accent. Perfect.

    6. I am completely addicted to random things. If I find something I love, I can never get enough. If I decide to learn something new, I can never get enough. I’m obsessed until I get it right. Then, I get bored, and move on to something else. This applies to the power of two when video games are involved.

    7. Against my better judgement, and completely against all of my will, I am starting to develop a very very slight fondness for the New York Yankees. I assume it is mostly in preparation for my I-won-the-lottery and-so-now-I-am gonna-buy-a-fancy NYC-apt fantasy. It makes me sick to think about it. And someone else will be sick with glee when this is read. (hi BigEd)

    8. I cried the day I got married. Mostly because I didn’t wanna marry him. And only partially because it was we chose to get married outside in Arizona in August. I was SO. DAMN. HOT. in that dress and my cake looked like the leaning tower of pisa – even though IT was in the air conditioning.

    9. I have never tried any kind of illegal drug. Mostly because I think kids do it for the surprise… to find out what it’s all about. I didn’t need to. My momma was the ‘hook-up’ when I was a kid. All those kids wanting to experiment? They were in my living room with my parents. I have a much different image of what cool parents are like than those kids did.

    10. The guy I’m in love with says he his feelings for me haven’t changed in 15 years. The only problem with that is that he is in some sort of semi-long term relationship with the lady for whom he works. So I am guessing that means he’d lose his security to leave whatever it is that they have. I am willing to spend 5 minutes a month with him, if that is all I get, because it’s the only thing in the entire world that I really want. Those? The happiest 60 minutes of my year.

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  1. Fr. S.T. says:

    While I am pleased to see the end of your irrational hatred for my Yankees, I am hurt that the “this guy” picture didn’t link to me.

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