• You were bored and I was frozen

    I promised a post a week ago. I haven’t had time. I haven’t had desire. I haven’t had anything to say. My fingers are tired, and now my ribs hurt. So, I leave you with this post that I started last week and didn’t finish. . . and then what I’ve been doing . . . and then some pictures. Enjoy. Talk to you later.

    On this, the first day of summer, my season goals: Sitting here with one of my very favorite people to kick off this year’s chapter of our tradition. Sitting here and getting my ass handed to me on an 8squarex8square board. Sitting here and singing along, even though I didn’t write the songs. Bringing the baby here to feel the magic. Doing a lot of this. Buying one of these. Practicing the guitar. Working. Running. Walking. Sleeping. Dreaming.

    Went to the baseball game about a week ago with some astonishingly well behaved adorable children. (Two of the three silly faces on the previous post). I think their father was horrified that I was encouraging them to goof around, but hey, kids are kids. If they can’t have fun now, they never will. Adulthood bites.  The only thing at the game funner than his kids and mine was the guy who jumped to catch the foul ball and spilled his ENTIRE cold beer on the lady sitting in front of him. (It was only funny because she was amused. Otherwise, well, hell, yes, it would have been funny otherwise too).

    A couple of days ago, the baby girl and I went to the lake with some friends and their new boat. That was fun, aside from the unflattering pictures of my flopping around like a whale trick in the water.This weekend we are doing this to the baby girl’s room. It seems like I should be horrified, but honestly, I think it might turn out kinda cool.


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  1. Brian says:

    Sounds like you’re busy Steph. Enjoy!

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