• His hair was perfect


    I adore a particular… um… former-athlete-current-bad-actor. My email address is an homage to this particular person. Last week the boy made it a point to reserve last night as time to take me to see this particular one on the big screen. And oh, was it worth the wait. After expecting about 5 seconds of screen time, I was pleasantly rewarded with much much more. And to be sitting next to the boy watching it…. perfect.
    And here is Roger Ebert’s half-assed review of the movie. Seems like a guy who gets paid to review movies would actually make the effort. You gotta make it all the way to the footnote to make it worth your time.

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  1. Dave says:

    Say what you want about Ebert, but he is a wordsmith par excellence. I mean the line he wrote about this movie:

    There is a sense in which attacking this movie is like kicking a dog for not being better at calculus.

    That’s greatness, right there.

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