• It’s getting closer

    He said I am beautiful. He said “It’s ok, I bought the insurance.” He said I have cute feet, my hair smells good, I’m a distraction. He said let’s watch the sunset. He said people sometimes think he is gay. He said I wouldn’t give him the time of day in high school. He was mostly right. I told him the story about the text message that came while we were there. He said to tell her he’s not that kind of guy. When we got back I said “It’s not the same tonight”. He said “I Know”. He said his clothes smelled like me when he unpacked this morning. He said we’d have to get together again soon to share smells. He pulled me closer and closer and he said he couldn’t get close enough.
    He said “So can I see you again soon?”

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  1. Brian says:

    He’s right….you are beautiful. Best wishes to both of you, however this turns out.

  2. Yurodivi says:

    Yes. Congratulations and best wishes for the future. But no expectations — certainly not at this point. And while I can’t speak to your outside, having never met you, I think your mind is beatiful,and that’s what counts.

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