• Where were you when

    1. Where were you when you heard Ronald Reagan died?

    Taking a nap on the couch at home between shifts at Pepperoni Station. I always sleep with the TV on, so I usually wake up much more aware than I was before I went to sleep.

    2. Where were you on September 11, 2001?

    I was pulling onto the street behind the old office, listening to KLove on the radio, when Sherry Rivers said that a plane had hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center. About two minutes later, my cell phone rang and it was my daughter and my best friend, saying the same thing. They were watching the TV, and told me about the second plane. We spent the rest of the day in the back of the office watching tv, heartbroken and in shock.

    3. Where were you when you heard Princess Diana died?

    Laying on the couch (there must be some sort of theme here) at my apartment in Mesa, Arizona. I woke up in the middle of the night and heard that news.

    4. Where were you when you heard Kurt Cobain died?

    I have no idea.

    5. One for The Gipper: What’s your favorite flavor of jelly bean?

    Orange. Which is odd, because I don’t like Orange flavored candy.

    6. Where were you when Magic Johnson announced he was retiring due to HIV infection?

    Sitting in a DIFFERENT apartment in Mesa, Arizona. My roomie and I were about to go outside and play basketball with the kid who lived across the yard.

    7. Where were you when Reagan was shot?

    I was in third grade, Mrs. O’Herns class in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

    8. Where were you when the space shuttle Challenger exploded?

    Standing in the library at Highland East Junior High in Moore, Oklahoma. Eighth grade.

    9. Where were you when the O. J. Simpson verdict was announced?

    Standing on the back dock of Bashas’ grocery store in Mesa, Arizona with several other vendors in total disbelief.


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